Knowing Jesus and Making Jesus Known
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The Bible provides a glimpse into 24 biblical stories beginning with Creation and ending with Pentecost when the Holy Spirit filled the disciples; their fears & doubts were replaced by courage & bold faith, they began to preach & heal everyone in the name of Christ!

The stories are given in the chronological order in which they occurred in history; Creation begins before 4000 BC and the 24 stories end with the martyrdom of Stephen in 35 AD.
1. Creation by God in the Bible
2. The Great Flood
9. Golden Calf Story
10. Battle of Jericho
11. Samson the Strong Man
12. David slays the giant Goliath
3. Job's suffering & Faith
4. Abraham Offers Isaac
5. Sodom Destruction
6. The Passover Story
7. The Red Sea Story
8. Ten Commandments Given
13. Absalom rebels against his Father
14. Wise Solomon builds the Temple
15. Elijah Contest with Baal
16. Naaman Healed
17. Jonah & the Big Fish
18. Daniel & the Lion's Den
19. Three Men in the Fiery Furnace
20. Birth of Jesus
21. Jesus Suffering & Death
22. Jesus Rising from the Dead
23. Pentecost -Holy Spirit Gift
24. Stephen, The First Martyr
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